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The Nuffield Trust rank the NHS by country – PR Week Post #27

January 20, 2010

(Click here for the original post on PR Week)

Earlier today, a really interesting report was published by the Nuffield Trust outlining the performance of the NHS in England (split by 10 regions), Scotland, Ireland and Walesbefore and after devolution.

Following the evaluation of a number of measures, the analysis highlighted that whilst “historically Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have had higher levels of funding per capita for NHS care than England” there was a stark contrast in resource deployment versus expenditure.  The research states: “… the NHS in England spends less on healthcare and has fewer doctors, nurses and managers per head of population than the health services in the devolved countries, but that it is making better use of the resources it has in terms of delivering higher levels of activity, crude productivity of its staff, and lower waiting times.”

The possible reasons for the differences are discussed by Dr Jennifer Dixon (Director of the Nuffield Trust) at The press release and slides are well worth a peak if you have a spare few minutes this week.