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I can’t believe it’s not butter – PR Week Post #26

January 19, 2010

I read yesterday that the Government is launching its second wave of campaigning to highlight the dangers of saturated fat in our nation’s diet.  Why a ‘second wave’ you ask? Well, it seems that the original TV, radio and poster campaign didn’t work because it simply wasn’t motivational or direct enough.  To fix this, the Foods Standard Agency (FSA) have launched the 21-Day Sat Fat Challenge.  A campaign with a difference…

As you can’t go through a day now without hearing about a new iPhone app, the FSA have have developed its own (  All you need to do is download the app, choose your saturated fat reducing challenge (such as ditching butter or drinking lower fat milk) and, at the end of each successful day, the app will send a tweet to your friends on Twitter.

I wonder where they got this iPhone app idea from?

Perhaps it was the alcohol ( or calorie ( counter?

Despite my sarcasm, if it works, it will be extremely positive.  We all know that cardiovascular disease is the UK’s biggest killer so if there are better ways to motivate people to cut down on their saturates, that has to be a good thing.  Leading surgeons suggest 3,500 lives a year could be saved.