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(Binge) Drink Anyone? – PR Week Post #18

August 27, 2009

(Click here for the orginal PR Week post)

As usual, the summer holiday season has brought to our screens an spectacular array of colourful news features highlighting the binge-drinking behaviour of young Britons (especially those abroad). Commentators from a variety of healthcare professional and consumer/social affairs organisations routinely appeal to those exposed to: “Grow up and stop drinking less”.

Having read today’s Mintel report, I am not sure this any longer applies.

The research shows, contrary to common belief, that the draw of binge-drinking among younger people is actually going down and is becoming less socially acceptable among this group.  One statistic in particular surprised me: ’55 per cent of middle-aged drinkers consume alcohol more than twice a week, compared with 42 per cent of teenagers and young adults.’

How, if at all, will the commentators change their tune?