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5 reasons why you should put the kettle on

January 5, 2015


For millions of people across the UK, extended hours of work are synonymous with the humble cup of tea. A constant companion, the busy beverage is always there to perk us up and help us work at our best.

In an office environment it is easy to forget about the importance of regular and short tea breaks, especially when a deadline looms. However, these breaks are vital not only for your mental wellbeing but also your productivity.

1. Caffeine boosts optimal working

Fast typing

The average cup of tea contains around 20mgs of caffeine, which is the required caffeine dosage per hour for optimum cognitive function. In other words, a cup of tea every hour or so could be the perfect way to keep your mind active and able to work at its peak.

If you drink green tea the caffeine hit is lower, yet research has suggested that even up to 10 cups a day of green tea can be beneficial due to its superfood qualities.

2. Improves your ability to juggle tasks effectively


Although some people will be aware of the benefits that caffeine can provide, most types of tea are also sources of theanine. Particularly abundant in green tea, theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that can help against anxiety and insomnia. Advocates of theanine note that it has a calming effect on the brain and helps a person centre their mind when dealing with many tasks at once, which is perfect for the busy office environment.

3. Helps regroup your mind


After around one hour of continuous work your mind begins to wander and quality of work can suffer as a result. Even breaks as brief as the time it takes to boil the kettle can help reorganise and reboot your mind for another hour of quality work.

4. Encourages healthy movement


Recent studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time increases the likelihood of a wide range of diseases and, as a result, doctors are encouraging us to stand more often. The studies hypothesise that not getting on our feet at regular intervals increases the likelihood of our body cells being damaged. Even if it’s an excuse just to get out of your seat for a couple of minutes, going to the kettle can help you become healthier.

5. Increases productivity and creativity


It has been shown that, prior to popular belief, regular breaks are not a form of procrastination but can actually boost productivity. Researchers have likened mental concentration to being a muscle and, like all muscles, it can become fatigued with over use. Cognitive recharging helps give your mind a break and allows it to work at its very best, with your newest and best ideas possibly popping into your mind whilst pouring your favourite cup of tea.