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Who do we believe? – PR Week Post #30

February 22, 2010

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I read this morning on a number of online outlets (over 200 now) that – according to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee anyway – homeopathy is a waste of NHS money.  A similar sentiment was voiced at the end of last summer by the World Health Organisation (

Surely the £4m+ spent each year on homeopathic remedies, must demonstrate that there is a proportion of people deriving significant benefit from these options?

The Department of Health is seemingly at odds with the committee suggesting: “Our view is that the local NHS and clinicians, rather than Whitehall, are best placed to make decisions on what treatment is appropriate for their patients – this includes complementary or alternative treatments such as homeopathy.”

As usual, whilst the media coverage begins to dwindle, we are left without an answer.  So, who is right?

Have you ever had a positive homeopathic remedy experience?