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Today’s top health stories 24 April

April 24, 2015

Malaria vaccine could be available in months

Image source: The Guardian – Stephen Morrison
Image source: The Guardian – Stephen Morrison

The final trial results of the world’s first malaria vaccine confirmed its potential to prevent millions of cases. Researchers said the vaccine was effective on more than a third of children after the first dose was delivered between ages five and 17 months. This level of protection could have a huge impact on an estimated 198 million cases of malaria a year. The vaccine could be available as early as October.

Source: The Independent, Daily Mail


Studying outside helps children’s vision

Image source: Daily Telegraph -- Alamy
Image source: Daily Telegraph — Alamy

A study shows that children who are spending too much time studying inside have poorer eyesight. Researchers believe that children should be allowed to study outside to stop them from becoming short-sighted. About 40 percent of Britons suffer from short-sightedness, and experts warn the figures will increase. British laser eye surgeon Dr David Allamby said, “There are several studies showing that lack of daylight might be the principal reason why children become more short-sighted, rather than prolonged reading”.

Source: Daily Telegraph


Genetic editing carried diseases

Image source: Autism Daily Newscast
Image source: Autism Daily Newscast

Scientists have developed a new technique that offers an alternative to the “three-parent” IVF baby approach stopping genetic disease from passing on to future generations. Researchers have proven the possibility of editing the genome of the mitochondria to eliminate the DNA mutations that passes down the disease. The study on mice showed that it was possible to remove many harmful mutations so the offspring doesn’t carry the defects.

Source: The Independent