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Today’s top health stories 14 April

April 14, 2015

Passport please

Image source: The Independent

Patients need their passports to be admitted to a NHS hospital. This new regulation is put into action to stop health tourists and migrants from taking advantage of free NHS healthcare. This will require filling out forms with information such as passport number and expiry date. The Department of Health is hoping to limit the government’s spending on tourists abusing the Health Service, which usually costs up to £2bn a year.

Source: The Independent, Daily Mirror

Dementia is underfunded

Image source: Daily Telegraph – ALAMY

A study has showed that the research for dementia is not getting the funding it needs. The Oxford University study showed that cancer is getting 13 times more funding than dementia, despite dementia having a greater impact on society. “Despite the shift in funding priorities, research into the treatment and prevention of dementia remains underfunded when compared with the economic and personal impact these conditions have”, said professor Alastair Grey.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Cancer breath test

Image source: The Independent

New research suggest that cancers of the stomach could soon be detected using a simple breath test. Stomach cancer in the UK is relatively rare and it is often left undiagnosed until it is too late. Researchers said this new method could help detect the disease early and potentially save lives. The breath test will help monitor the cancer risk with accuracy in a cost effective way.

Source: The Independent