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Today is a good day for a U-turn – PR Week Post #24

December 9, 2009

(Click here for the original post on PR Week)

Well, it seems I now have an answer to the question I posed on 21st November concerning the overspend on the NHS’s IT programme.
In today’s Pre-Budget Report, Alistair Darling will announce that part of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) will be shelved in a push to slash public spending to (hopefully) pay-off some of our nation’s borrowing. The budget for the National Programme for IT has currently amassed a spend of more than £12bn (versus the original estimate of £2.3bn) but a specific ‘aspect’ is now not deemed “essential to the NHS frontline”.  Conveniently, it is something the Treasury thinks: “we don’t need to go ahead with just now.”

Sadly though the savings are only likely to run to the hundreds of millions

You can read more about today’s report at: