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The expert patient – PR Week Post #8

May 26, 2009

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It was a little quiet on the health front over the bank holiday weekend but one story caught my eye. In the absence of any suitable reading material for people her age, Fibi Ward (14 years old), took it upon herself to write a book on the ’emotional and psychological’ aspects of type 1 diabetes.  Because of the massive health problem posed by type 2 diabetes, it is easy to see why it gets the lion’s share of the attention. However, this story highlights how important it is to remember those conditions impacting smaller sections of the population. It doesn’t matter if you are one of 10 or one of a million, any long-term condition will have a massive effect on your life and those around you.

Between 10 and 15,000 people are diagnosed with the autoimmune form of diabetes each year and the peak ages of diagnosis are 10-14.  If you know of someone who might benefit from reading this book, it is called No Added Sugar.

Originally posted to PR Week on May 26, 2009