Go Ahead…Copy Our Notes: Insights from the PRNews Measurement Conference

Co-Authored By: Kate Callan, Senior Vice President, Social Strategy; and Silje Lier, Senior Account Supervisor

Hundreds of PR professionals flocked to our backyard for this year’s PRNews Measurement Conference, a two-day workshop held here in Philadelphia. Presenters and attendees represented a variety of sectors and industries – from Fortune 500 companies to boutique agencies and academic institutions. What they have in common is a need to understand their audiences, measure their PR efforts and, ultimately, tie them to their bottom line.

The conference covered a lot of ground on utilizing analytics. Here’s our summary of best practices for strategic and impactful media measurement:

  • Define your key performance indicators (KPIs) early. What do you want to achieve? Agree what success looks like, and bake data measurement into the planning process of a campaign. If you don’t align on goals at the start, you can’t showcase success. This will also speed up assessment and reporting at the completion of a campaign/quarter, when there may be pressure or eagerness to provide results.
  • Map conversations, and identify super-connectors. We all know social listening is critical. Focus not just on the noisemakers, but identifying the influencers who keep the social media community members connected. These users will be more likely to drive a call to action among their networks, or make a key connection.
  • Create smart dashboards. Share key outcomes with data visuals pulling from online measurement tools, as well as native social media analytics, and understand what those metrics mean. Don’t forget to include benchmarks for context. (BONUS: Here’s a PRNews recap of Kate’s presentation from the conference, with a sample performance dashboard from Tonic, and other tips on native analytics and social listening.)

Presenters at the conference were asked to share a to-do list containing broader takeaways from each of their talks, which we’ve curated into a cheat sheet to apply to our PR efforts. Click the thumbnail below to view our full infographic for do’s and don’ts in data measurement – and share it with your followers.

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Three Key Takeaways from Social Analytics Experts

Co-Authored By: Kelly Cross, Assistant Account Executive and Silje Lier, Senior Account Supervisor

Recently we had the opportunity to venture up to Times Square for the NYC Sysomos Summit and got a refresher on all things social analytics. To get you up to speed, Sysomos is an insights-driven social platform that we use for social monitoring, listening and analytics.

At this year’s summit, Sysomos brought together experts from companies like Google, Reddit and WWE, who each shared a unique perspective as to how digital data and analytics drive their business decisions.

The speakers shared what it takes to succeed in the modern digital age. Here are key highlights.

  1. Data is KING. This point was stressed in sessions throughout the entire day—data, data, data. Too often companies push out social media content without taking the time to gauge reactions—both positive and negative—to those posts, or they measure social media performance in a silo. Because social media has become a focal point for new, loyal and potential customers to voice opinions about the product or services offered by a company, taking an integrated approach to analytics is imperative. It not only provides companies with the means to understand its competitors and trends within the space, but also taps into consumers’ opinions which allows a greater understanding as to where improvements can be made.
  2. Listen to your audience to uncover opportunities. We hear this all the time, but blindly posting content without understanding who they’re aiming to reach and why, along with identifying the best platform to reach them, prohibits companies from getting in front of people who are most likely to discover or react positively to their business. Elizabeth Motta, Director of Talent and Data Analytics at WWE, shared how the fan-driven #GiveDivasAChance campaign completely altered WWE’s programming. Social listening led to the creation of a women’s WWE division – and lots of happy fans worldwide (more than 850 million, to be exact).
  3. Don’t be afraid of new advances in technology. Summit speakers pointed to artificial intelligence, voice technology, and increasingly live social experiences (e.g. Facebook and Instagram Live) as trends to look out for in 2018. Be prepared to adapt to available consumer touchpoints and look for smart ways to engage in an era of utility-seeking, status-sharing consumers.

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Tweet a recap of our takeaways with the infographic below. [Click to view full PDF.]