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One flu over the cuckoo’s nest – PR Week Post #15

July 24, 2009

(Click here for the orginal PR Week post)

Since my first blog on in May, I have (like many others) been curiously following the swine flu story.  Enough has been said this week about the role the media has played in the communication of information (and mis-information) and their relationship with the Government so I am not going to add to that.

If you are interested in reading/hearing more, Tonic’s CEO Scott Clark spoke on this on Radio 4 a few days ago ( having commented in PRWeek

I was however shocked (probably shouldn’t have been) to hear from Baroness Williams during yesterday evening’s question time ( that the new flu helpline has been delayed for over five months because the Treasury have been arguing with the DH about funding.  Further round the table, Geoff Hoon MP said: “I have been sitting in pandemic flu preparation meetings for years. We are prepared. We are putting the right mechanisms in place.” (  Really, prepared for what?  Answering the audience on Question Time?