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PharmaVoice, Industry Outlook

December 1, 2015

Kate_CTo me, there is no better feed­back mechanism than social media and blogger relationships. While traditional market research certainly has its place, it is often capturing insights on a moment in time or a specific topic or patient segment. Whether building our own direct relationships with online advocates to provide ongoing feedback to patient programs, or leveraging survey tools from online patient communities, the industry has a huge opportunity to engage in real-time, two-way conversations with patients in a way we never have before. In having the ability to speak directly to patients, we are able to better understand how chronic illnesses impact their entire lives and develop tools to help them achieve the goals they set out for themselves – goals that are often more lifestyle focused. Today, healthcare marketers and communicators have the ability to build long-term relationships with actual people who live with these conditions at various points in their journey. This allows us to build authentic programs that are tailored to and evolve through each stage of the disease journey.