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PharmaVoice, 2016 Year in Preview

November 1, 2015

Jenny_GStrengthening the Healthcare Industry’s Brand.

In times of increasing scrutiny on the healthcare industry from the media and politicians, particularly in terms of spending and marketing practices, ensuring a positive brand identity is more important than ever, says Jennifer Gallo, VP of Tonic Life Communications.

“While traditional media remains a vital component of corporate visibility efforts, gone are the days when an advertisement or news article served as the sole purveyor of a company’s message,” she says. “Today, these messages are delivered with something as simple as a tweet. Social media allows large corporations to engage with individual patients, doctors, and industry partners quicker and easier than ever before. With this shift, however, it is important to change the way we think about communicating with these stakeholders, striving for authenticity and including the broader community in the conversation.”

Ms. Gallo says rather than “speaking” only when it serves their specific needs, whether that may be a new product launch or in a crisis, companies can and should pursue a two-way conversation with those they are trying to reach.