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What’s increased 120% between ’97 and ’06 in the under 30s? – PR Week Post #4

May 17, 2009

(Click here for the orginal PR Week post)

When I was asked this question at the end of last week, I have to say I had absolutely no idea.  I thought a little harder and still couldn’t work it out. Can you? To save you the research time the answer is, the number of cases of bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer is killing 50 people each day in the UK and is now (rightly so) starting to get quite a bit more media attention.  Apart being aware of the steps we can take to try and prevent developing it, one of the ways this number can be reduced is by having a national screening programme to cover more than just the over 50s.

Changing national policy is not an easy fight at the best of times but it must start somewhere. I have just added my name to the current Number 10 petition to have the age lowered?  Do you think it is worth adding your weight behind this effort?  If you do, here’s the address: number 10 website.

Originally posted to PR Week on May 17, 2009