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Could you spend £44 billion in 12 months? – PR Week Post #2

May 8, 2009

(Click here for the orginal PR Week post)

Well the NHS have and now you can take a look at exactly what they spent it on…

In a report published last Friday afternoon, the Department of Health told us tells us how it spent (nearly) £44 billion in the 2007/8 financial year. I have to say, it’s not the easiest to navigate (so don’t expect to see much coverage on it) but if you want to know facts like how many ECGs were carried out on an outpatient basis last year and how much each one cost on average, this should be right up your street.

Some of the other procedures mentioned were not really suitable for publication on this blog but if you want to add your favourite, feel free.  Go on, take a peak: Reference report 2007/8

Originally posted to PR Week on May 8, 2009