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How much do I need to earn to stay fit and well? – PR Week Post #29

February 11, 2010

(Click here for the original post on PR Week)

A new report published today (nicely summarised by David Rose of the Times: reveals that the poorest people living in the UK are likely to suffer 17 years more years of illness and disability than those in wealthier locations.

Clearly this is a devastatingly high number but is it a damming indictment of a truly ‘broken’ societal system or just an obvious statement of a fact we all know existed?

This is not unique to the UK either.  Social inequality is true the world over, especially in capitalist societies.  Just look at the US for example where the distribution of wealth couldn’t be more stark. So what do we do about it?

It is all well and good suggesting an overhaul of the tax and benefits system but the inevitable mountain of bureaucratic red tape would likely be (as always) rate limiting and there is the small matter of  who is going to pay for this?

Based on the “I need government money most” discussions I have heard this this week, I guess it will come down to either this or filling in the 30 million potholes in our roads (at £70 a hole) which have been left by the last lot of snow. What a dilemma…