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Planes, trains and automobiles – PR Week Post #1

May 8, 2009

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Over the last week or so, I’ve been travelling quite a bit with colleagues from overseas and I’ve been amazed at the number of accusatory looks a one-off cough, sneeze or sniff can get you.  At times, I have questioned whether my hayfever might actually be masking something a little more sinister.

The recent new UK cases have provided health editors with a good opportunity to write further about the H1N1 issue. They have also been able to provide some sound, much needed, advice to help quell the hysteria amongst the masses.

With over 110 million Google news articles containing ‘swine flu’ appearing over the last month it’s not surprising some folk are a little more panicked than we are here.  Unlike in some other countries, I’m not sure I have seen a single face mask on a street corner sale anywhere in London.

I have however raised my eyebrows at a couple of articles which perhaps won’t help too much.  You have probably seen these too.

A Labour MP is providing tips (not useful as it turns out) on how to stop yourself from sneezing.  Perhaps this is a diversion from the raging MP expenses debate?

School children are being taght to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to themselves twice while they wash their hands to make sure thy’re spending long enough at the sink.  Do we run the risk of having a generation of OCD-ridden adults like Larry David’s character in the new Woddy Allen movie if we are not careful?

All I hope is that my kids don’t come home from school today demanding presents.  They only had their birthdays eight weeks ago!

Originally posted to PR Week on May 8, 2009