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Can you become addicted to news? – PR Week Post #34

April 27, 2010

(Click here for the original post on PR Week)

Sorry I have been away for so long.  A short, eight day family trip to Mallorca turned into a 16 day marathon of a break by the time I returned home.  I had planned to blog whilst I was ‘trapped [on a beach]’ but navigating the PRWeek blog control panel using a Spanish language computer got the better of me.

Anyway, whilst enjoying my extended holiday, I was stuck by an addiction.  No, it was not an addiction to lounging by the pool with a beer in my hand, but rather an addiction to round-the-clock news channels.  In our apartment we had access to the 24hr Sky News Channel and from the moment the Icelandic volcano erupted, until the moment flights started to take off, I felt compelled to watch the TV.  I watched whilst journalists reported from empty check-in halls in Manchester and motionless runways in London and I listened to interviews from ministers, aviation experts, weather forecasters and volcanologists. It was truly bizarre.

That however was not the end of it because in between these reports were the ever changing ‘Election 2010’ opinion polls to keep me occupied. I watched marginal fluctuations of various red, blue and yellow graphs at various stages of the day and sensed my eyes glaze over as the pundits picked over the days campaigning.

Sitting at my desk, I am now craving the repetitive reporting more than ever before.  I think I am addicted.  Is there an antidote?  More work perhaps…