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“After hours of fierce argument and debate…” – PR Week Post #32

March 22, 2010

(Click here for the original post on PR Week)

…the US healthcare reform bill was finally passed last night by The House of Representatives. Barack Obama campaigned with it as a cornerstone to his election manifesto and, 14 months later, it will become a reality.  Considered a dead bill in January because of an overwhelming level of opposition, some elements will be expedited and will kick-in immediately, others will take a little time.

I do not profess to be an expert in US health policy – far from it – but there is probably not an educated soul on this planet who couldn’t say that this “Victory for the American people” [Obama]  marks one of most dramatic changes in US legislation in recent times.

A nice review of the bill and its social and economic implications can be found on BBC line at:

The Republicans argue that at the end of the $940bn with of expenditure over 10 years, they US will end-up being like a ‘European Nanny State’.  Only time will tell.