3 Tips for Adapting to Facebook’s News Feed Update

By Kate Callan, Senior Vice President, Social Strategy

In case you missed it, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made a big announcement on Thursday that will impact business pages moving forward. In a nutshell, Facebook is making a dramatic update to the News Feed algorithm (how they decide what content you see) to focus heavily on posts from close family and friends and will include very little from pages you follow. Pages can be anything from a large brand to local small businesses or even bloggers and advocacy groups.

In recent years, Facebook’s ever-evolving algorithm slowly reduced the number of followers that see organic page posts to a very small percentage (reported somewhere between 1 – 10 percent). This latest change means that even fewer page followers will be exposed to posts in News Feeds which is the primary way people consume content on Facebook.

What does this mean for those managing business pages? Here are my initial thoughts.

  1. Engage and explore live. While engaging content has been important for a while, the only type of page content Facebook said they will somewhat prioritize in News Feed is live video. In terms of organic reach, it seems video and going live will continue to be important considerations. In our experience, live does spark engagement, particularly when you are working with a notable personality or sharing exclusive information.
  2. Develop a paid strategy. In order for people to see page content, a paid strategy should be put into place if it hasn’t been already. We’ve made a shift to pages that we manage to streamline the number of posts and ensure all new content that we develop is boosted. If you put time into developing awesome content, be sure someone will see it! From what we’ve seen reported, the changes to page posts in News Feeds will not affect sponsored posts, so that should remain a reliable way to get your content seen.
  3. Consider Groups. Groups might become a new opportunity to cultivate the communities we used to be able to develop through pages. Especially in healthcare, we strive to create a sense of community when connecting patients with similar experiences. While the analytics and control of the message are not as strong as they are on pages, it’s possible that Facebook will evolve Groups to fill the gap left by diminished organic pages.

Want to chat about how this might affect your social strategy in 2018? Email me at Kate.Callan@toniclc.com.