Movember Madness

As most of you will be aware it is Movember, a time for men (and maybe some women) to look noticeably ‘different’ (cough cough silly) for a month, in the name of a great cause.

Although I swear most still go “oh dear” when they first see a man and his mo, it’s hard to not feel a hint of jealousy towards the fun it must be to just let go and allow the mo to flourish.

With 90%* of the Tonic team being female we felt a little left out of the Movember fun! Therefore, in this month of porn moustaches, seventies chic and Gone with the Wind craziness, we used our famous Tonic ingenuity to take control of the situation. Donning our own mos for the day, we joined the great cause of Movember, raising awareness for men’s health and encouraging all the lovely men in our lives to take care of themselves.

The Movember movement has raised £346 million to date across 21 countries, helping to save and improve the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Roll on Decembeard (although we might struggle with that one).

Happy Movember everyone! (See our mo efforts below).

*Note: the men in the photo below are real Tonicians and not hired actors. Unfortunately, as is with most things in life, we can’t have it all and despite a strong desire and effort to showcase real mos, the glory of facial hair is just not meant to be for some. Nevertheless, we salute you for trying!

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