A day in the life of the Tonic intern Jiaxu Guo

I can’t believe that my seven week internship at Tonic Life Communications has come to an end!

At the start, I was scared of the idea that I would be working in a PR firm in London. First of all, I’ve never worked in a PR firm; secondly, I’m not familiar with the British culture at all. Nonetheless, my fear disappeared immediately once I met my colleagues, who all welcomed me warmly.

I am seen as an account team assistant and my work includes a wide variety of tasks from collating coverage to undertaking research for upcoming events.

Before working for Tonic, I’ve only worked as a research assistant so PR feels very different from my past work experience! PR has demanded more from my time compared to being a research assistant and requires an efficient way of working so I learnt quickly that multitasking is key!  In my seven weeks here I have gained a lot of insights in to the PR industry.

Before starting work at Tonic, PR was a very abstract area to me seeing that, I didn’t  have any previous work experience in the industry. However, after working at Tonic for a few days, I started to realise that all the knowledge/skills that I gained at  University could be applied in my work here.

Having great mentors is the primary reason why I got so much out of my internship at Tonic. I’m amazed by the team’s diligent work attitude. It is obvious that everyone here loves their job.

No matter how tired or busy the team are, they are always enthusiastic about their work. I feel really lucky to have been able to work with such motivated, supportive and professional PR people.

A new thing that I’ve encountered while working here is the tea culture. I’m really surprised by the amount of tea they drink every day. Even though I’m from China, I feel like I can’t keep up with them! Moreover, people would make tea for me! In Asia an employee would never make tea for the intern. Instead, it is the intern’s responsibility to make tea for everyone.  I was quite surprised about the tea making ritual at the very beginning, but later I realised that it’s part of the Tonic culture.

I would describe my internship experience as fulfilling. I appreciate how patient my colleagues have been with me, and how much I’ve learned throughout the process.