Anticipation vs. Reality

Posted by Molly Wilson – Tonic Philadelphia, US

I am in the process of learning that the anticipation of something is often far worse than the reality. This is a big lesson for me, as I am a chronic worrier. I worry about big things like global warming.  I worry about small things, like if I touch the door handle in the office bathroom will I catch pink eye. Yet, recently I have found that all this worrying really does me no good and (for the most part) is unwarranted.

I recently returned to work after being on maternity leave, which was glorious, as I spent three months devoted to my deliciously adorable baby girl. Yet, as my re-entry into work drew closer, I found myself planning a sit-in in my very own living room. How was I going to leave my daughter every morning? How was I going to manage life, motherhood, and working? How was I going to find enough clothes that fit for the first few weeks? It started to consume every inch of my being, and each day the worry grew stronger.

My first day back I got up in the morning, put on the outfit I had carefully selected a few days before, kissed my daughter good-bye and hopped on the train to work. Fast forward thirteen hours, and after putting my daughter to bed, I found myself thinking- what a great day I just had.

This is not to say that the anticipation of pink eye is worse than the reality or that I have figured out how to balance life, work and motherhood, but I do look back and wish I hadn’t spent so much time worrying about going back to work and spent that energy just enjoying my time at home. While I can’t do anything about that, I will certainly pause before I start worrying about small things… like whether or not my colleagues are going to think I am losing it for worrying about touching the bathroom door handle.

What do we do all day??

Interesting infographic which maps out what happens on the internet every 24 hours… one word – WOW! So a few stats which stood out to me… 294 billion e-mails are sent… 4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook… and more iPhones are sold than babies born — well at least there won’t be a shortage on that front then, phew!!

Nice infographic here though, but does make me wonder –  with the sun shinning outside, do we need to detach from more computers, tablets and smartphones, a bit more??

Posted by Monica

Did you see it….?

Clever campaign from Mercedes…. the invisible car! But how will they ever sell any cars if they are invisible you may ask….?? WELL! It’s actually all in aid of their new car which apparently has 0.0 emissions, so it’s ‘invisible’ to the environment. Shame they only toured the car in Germany for a week though as I would have been intrigued to have ‘seen’ the invisible car myself…

Posted by: Monica

My first three days at Tonic…

By Liz W

Monday, 08:45

OK. So far, so good. Despite the obligatory Monday morning haze, I have managed to remember that I have a different route to work now and have made it safely to Victoria station. Now for the tricky part, making my way from the station to the office – not complicated I know, but I am renowned for my poor sense of direction! Luckily, I have a handy ‘cheat’ as I am meeting with a friend at the station, who also happens to work at @toniclc, so I can be sure to arrive on time for my first day…

Monday, 17:30

I know now where everything is, and who everyone is (although more by face than name – a handy floor plan is definitely needed!).   Overall, it has been a great first day; everyone is really friendly and I am really excited about the accounts I am going to be working on.


Day Two – mostly spent getting #uptospeed with the accounts, background reading and completing the necessary administration that comes with starting a new job.


I have been invited to join the @toniclc team for the 2012 Healthcare inter-agency quiz – don’t tell anyone but I am not very good at quizzes! Nonetheless, it is a great opportunity to get to know my new colleagues a bit better in a social setting.

Ahead of the evening, there is much debate over quiz team names – eventually we plump for Chronic Strife Communications and Quiz on your Face.  A clear strategy is devised, our goal is not to win but to come second – we all know second is the best!

Drinks all round, and some rather questionable food later, the quiz is underway. My team, Chronic Strife Communications, is off to a roaring start and we are sure that by the mid-way point we must be in the top three contenders… Shockingly, we are wrong; when the quiz master names the runners and riders we fail to place!

Second half, and it is all to play for… confident with our answers in the picture, music, sounds and history rounds, surely we have to be in with a chance?!

The tension is rising, the quiz master is about to reveal the all-important result, second place… (drum roll please) Chronic Strife Communications!!  A sterling effort by an amazing team comprised of Matthew, Leah, Ben T, AJ, Elle G and me. Sadly, our compatriots, Quiz on Your Face, limped home 4th from bottom (although rumour has it*, if they had only listened to Ben C a bit more they could have been a real contender).

It has been a great evening. I think I am going to like it here…

*according to Ben C