So, a day in the life of an Assistant Account Executive?

By Ellie B

The day begins with a bang! Generally because I am running for my bus down Borough High Street, bright red in the face, swearing under my breath about how I should have woken up earlier…

9:00am – At work now on time! And am usually sat with a cup of tea, doing the morning’s scanning. One particular account I have been working on recently means that I have had to do real-time monitoring for coverage on a congress that recently happened in Budapest on behalf of a client. To give you a bit of background on this event in terms of what I was in charge of doing…


  • I had the interesting task of sourcing a suitable medical writer to attend the event. Due to the nature of the subject area, the brief was quite specific with what type of writer I should search for. The next hour or so involved trawling our media databases / sending emails around the office (common practice here at Tonic when someone is wanting to source information, we have a wealth of experience in different sectors so generally people will have done something similar to what you are enquiring about!). It is definitely a waiting game for people to call or email you back! Patience is a virtue in this job…
  • So once you have your writer, a big part of my job as an AAE is logistics – which is a massive part of an event, if the logistics go well the event is a success, but if the logistics fail it can be a disaster!! There is a key supplier we use here at Tonic for flights; they receive a huge number of calls and emails from the junior team members (although I have known an Associate Director to book his flight once!). So the next hour of my day involves flight research into getting someone to Budapest and back for three days, this is a simple task compared to what I have been involved in previously – try coordinating 8 KOL flights from 8 different countries in one day…not as easy as it sounds!
  • Then my attention is drawn to press releases – incorporating changes from the client, and getting my senior team to review them

Getting a woman to Budapest, and a press release to the World!

  • Taxis in Southampton, flights from London, and transfers in Budapest, and of course a place for the writer to stay…This is quite a smooth process, although the transfer company in Southampton doesn’t do invoices…Which means it’s a major headache for our finance department!
  • The press release distribution agency were great in assisting me on how best to get this out, as this was my first time putting a release on a wire. It’s a great feeling to think that by the click of a button you have organised for a press release to travel seven different continents at once. That really makes it worth the hours put into setting it up.
  • Another key aspect of my job is managing my senior team (which can actually be a fun job!). Updating my seniors on everything that is going on, my conversations with the writer, organising TC’s, getting responses to emails, conversations about where the press release distribution is at… I feel I developed a lot through doing this, my team allow and trust me to take on tasks, and are always there to support me providing a safety net when I need it. I am able to take my own initiative, and take charge of my role. Go ‘TEAM SHORTIES’… yes we named our team (my Account Manager and I are both under 5ft tall!) – Team camaraderie knows no bounds on this account…   

The Results!

  • The process is on-going, but the writer arrived back to the UK (unscathed, *brownie points*) and the client was happy! (MAJOR brownie points).  We have collated a vast amount of online coverage, and we are expecting two separate placements in two national daily papers!

6:00pm – So I am leaving the office after a fulfilling but hard day’s work…I shall not be running for the bus, I think the tube is my best bet tonight!

Weather talk is becoming even more social…

When you’re stuck for something to say, conversation always turns to the weather. It’s a fail-safe topic that anyone can talk around… but now it would seem the subject is becoming even more ‘social’ with the launch of Metwit. It’s a weather app where regular people can tweet, post or tag weather conditions in their location to let others know in real-time. It’s an interesting concept, and I could think of a few uses when this may come in handy for me – especially as weather forecasts don’t seem to be that spot on sometimes!! But it may make me feel a bit down, particularly at the moment, to see nicer weather being reported in other countries! But let’s see if it takes off….
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