Wake up and smell the coffee – PR Week Post #37

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Using the unrivaled power of Google, it seems that the phrase ‘Wake up and smell the coffee‘ was originally conceived by Nescafé in the 80s as an advertising slogan for their coffee brand. The principle behind this being, that the smell of a pot of Nescafé was so good it could wake you up in the morning. Well, 30 years on and it seems as though they had the right idea because it turns out that it is not the actual drink that will wake you up.  I’ll explain…

Sitting on the top of this week’s pile of health stories is a collection of articles looking at study on the stimulating effects of coffee.  David Rose at The Times was the first to cover the story so I thought I would share his eloquent summary with you: “The stimulatory effects of a strong cup of coffee in the morning may be nothing more than an illusion.” he says, continuing: “People who routinely use caffeinated drinks to kick-start their day derive no actual benefit in terms of increased alertness, compared with those given a decaffeinated variety. Instead, (researchers say) they may feel better simply because they are correcting the symptoms of caffeine withdrawl“.

If this is the case, I find myself in a little bit of a dilemma.

Do I continue to drink coffee to feed my caffeine cravings or do I stop drinking is altogether and just go with water.  I don’t like the thought of having withdrawal symptoms from anything. Any thoughts?